Mt. Stewart-Morell-St. Peter's Bay Pastoral Charge

Our Church Home in the United Church of Canada

All those who gather for worship at each of our three congregations
share in the ministry of the Pastoral Charge.

There are, however, several who have been given special responsibilities:
the Rev. T. Kevin Dingwell, CD, BA, MDiv
Kevin was recommended as a candidate for ministry by the Peter Gordon Memorial Session and ordained to the ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care by Maritime Conference on May 30, 1982. After serving most of his ministry as a Chaplain within the Canadian Forces, he retired back to PEI in June 2008. When the Rev Janet Travers went on medical leave, he joined a team of the Rev's Gary Clark, Sandy Clark and Norman MacDougall to provide pastoral care and worship leadership for our Charge. On January 1, 2013, he accepted a call to full-time ministry with the Pastoral Charge. Kevin and Kathy now live in Pisquid West and have three grown children, and seven (7) grandchildren.

Music Ministry

Our congregations are fortunate to have dedicated and talented musicians to ensure our worship services are filled with music. The congregations are extremely appreciative of their contribution.
St. Peter's Bay United:
Electronic Resources
St. John's, Mount Stewart:
Organist: Shelly Morrison
Peter Gordon Memorial:
Organist: Shelly Morrison
Don MacEwen
Chair of the Pastoral Charge Official Board

Each congregation is well-supported by dedicated people serving on Sessions, Boards of Stewards, and as Trustees. Both Morell and Mount Stewart are blessed with Sunday School Superintendents and Teachers. As well, the Pastoral Charge ministry is supported by a Worship Committee and a Christian Education and Nurture Committee. Both St. Peter's and Mount Stewart have very active UCW's. Supporting and coordinating all of this valuable volunteer staff is the Chair of the Pastoral Charge Official Board. The congregations are all thankful to Don MacEwen for accepting this challenge.
Deanna Birt
Pastoral Charge Secretary / Treasurer

The Charge is pleased to have Deanna Birt as the new Charge Secretary. Deanna brings much experience to the position as well as a great love for her church and desire to support its ministry. Messages can be left for Deanna at the Church Office or she may be contacted in the early evenings at 676-2857.

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