Mt. Stewart-Morell-St. Peter's Bay Pastoral Charge

Our Church Home in the United Church of Canada

St. John's United - Mount Stewart
Elder Greeters

Each month one or two people ensure that worshippers are welcomed and receive bulletins and that the offering is received. If the ones assigned cannot be present on the designated Sunday, they are expected to find replacements. The schedule for that ministry is as follows:
MonthName Name
October 2018Marlene Weeks&volunteer if needed
November 2018Cindy MacMillan&volunteer if needed
December 2018Andrew Gosby&volunteer if needed
January 2019Desi Doyle&volunteer if needed
February 2019Nadine Hendricken&volunteer if needed
March 2019Bonnie McNally&volunteer if needed
April 2019Lawrence Coffin&volunteer if needed
May 2019Alan McLennan&volunteer if needed
June 2019Lawrence Coffin&volunteer if needed
July 2019George MacDonald&volunteer if needed
August 2019Marlene Weeks&volunteer if needed
September 2019Cynthia Crane&volunteer if needed
October 2019Paul Weeks&volunteer if needed
November 2019Maxine Doran&volunteer if needed
December - Weeks 1 & 2Marilyn Doyle&volunteer if needed
December - Weeks 3,4,5Marlene Weeks&volunteer if needed
January 2020&volunteer if needed